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A Big Wave

Nature's Way Chiropractic

We are your go to Chiropractor located in Kirra | Coolangatta and we are on a mission to grow a  happier & healthier community!

At Nature's Way Chiropractic we specialise in allowing you and your loved ones to feel good, live well & stay well utilising our unique wholistic approach.

We love serving our southern Gold Coast community and beyond! 

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Dr. Renee Cassidy

Chiropractor at Nature's Way Chiropractic


Welcome to Nature's Way Chiropractic! I am thrilled to be of service to the Kirra Coolangatta community and love living on the southern end of the Gold Coast!  I am passionate about providing whole family Chiropractic care from birth to beyond! 

I look forward to meeting you and helping you reach your unique health goals and needs. 

Kindest, Dr. Renee Cassidy

What is Chiropractic

Chiropractic is an all natural approach to health and wellbeing.  It looks to the spine and nervous system for areas of subluxation (misalignment)  that affect the brain and body connection and how well you are functioning. 

Imagine a hose of water that has a kink in it - how well is it functioning? Take the kink out and it is working well.  This is much like a subluxation in the body effecting how well the messages are running from the brain to the body and body to the brain. 

As a Chiropractor we adjust the spine and nervous system, allowing your body to function well.  We often see people be relieved of pain, fatigue, stress, anxiety and other symptoms that are holding them back in life! 

Our Chiropractic Approach





Plant your seeds of Change!


How are you functioning now?

How do you want to to feel and live your life? 

Are you lacking energy? 

Are you in pain? 

Do you feel your emotions are exhausting you?

Begin your health journey at Nature's Way Chiropractic with your initial consultation with Dr. Renee.  This is an appointment designed to allow her to get to know you and your unique health journey and needs.  She will take an extensive health history understanding why you are functioning the way you are. 

Experience what Chiropractic has to offer you!


You are naturally designed to live well and adapt to your environment.  Your biography writes your biology and as we all know life is full of stressors, which accumulate from the day we are born up to where you are now.  

Our bodies and nervous system become wired up as it accumulates these different stressors. 


By adjusting the spine and nervous system, your body begins to unwind and restore its power and ability to heal and function well!

Live well naturally! 

By investing in you and your family's health and wellbeing you are sure to be living your best life! 

Flourish into the person you want to be, feel well naturally and stay well! 


People often report that they wish they had known about Chiropractic long before discovering it and choose to make it part of their life routinely.

Why not...

Be filled with energy? 

Feel more alive? 

Deal with stress better?

And live well naturally?