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What a beautiful event last night with the amazing Kat Ellis, Shamanic Astrologer, taking us on journey through all the energies of 2020 & beyond! A Night with the Stars collectively raised over $250 for the Bush Fires as a community! A huge Thank You to all the incredible woman that joined us and shared their energy, their words, their time and their curiosity!

It is written in the stars...and 2020 is the year to activate your gifts!

I, Dr. Kayli Manner, was so delighted when I met the beautiful Kat Ellis four years ago when we facilitated a Women's Circle together and guided women to connect deeply with their inner world & infinite wisdom. Kat is incredibly talented as she taps into spirit to bring in guidance of the planets both individually and collectively. She has weaved in and out of my life in divine timing helping me navigate BIG life events with her wisdom of Astrology and deep understanding and warmth of what it is to be an empath, healer and sensitive soul navigating life. I am sure you all loved her!

Follow Kat on her very inspiring & active Facebook here:


She is always updating the collective with powerful & potent videos of the energies in her magical way. I highly recommend having a personal reading with her also, allowing you to learn all about your astrological chart! And what perfect timing as we move forward to into the new year, new decade and new paradigm!

As she revealed last night 2020's key words are: Transformation & Activation.

It is time to let go of our wounds and move into our true purpose. Transform our greatest wounds into our greatest gifts and activate a new way forward as individuals and as a collective. Noting where Chiron is in your chart & what the South Node is will help you understand what your deepest wounds are. The North Node governs your purpose and where to move forward in life and align yourself with your highest purpose & gifts.

For your astrological chart you need your date of brith, time and location.

You can bring your chart up here:


(enter your details - then click on the "Chart Drawing, Ascendant" to the left of the next screen)

You can also use:


It takes a bit of practice to learn to read your chart, however it is totally possible! You can also simply Google "Chiron in Gemini" and have a read...

I, Dr. Kayli Manner, absolutely LOVE Astrology! The magic of Astrology time and time again pops up in my life, and now that you are open to it & activated by it - you will most likely notice this also on your journey. In practice, at Nature's Way Chiropractic, themes play out in alignment with the Cosmos and often will speak of astrology in my sessions with those that are open to it!

Kat & I are happy to announce that we will be weaving more magic together later in the year here at Nature's Way Chiropractic - so stay tuned to our Social Media & Emails! She is hosting some powerful events in the coming months with some incredible women! Be sure to check them out on her Facebook!

And for all of you that are curious about the Jade Egg here is a great little read on it!


If considering purchasing and implementing a Jade Egg be sure to properly educate yourself on the power of the practice and ease into using them. Always cleanse your crystals when you get them with sage or lay out in water under the full moon. Crystals are a very powerful healing tool and when used properly with clear high vibrational intentions anything can happen!

We look forward to seeing you all in the practice soon for some self care and an adjustment! Stay tuned for events to come here at Nature's Way Chiropractic!

We are very excited for what 2020 has in store for us all!


Dr. Kayli Manner, Chiropractor & Kinesiologist, Nature's Way Chiropractic

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