• Dr. Kayli Manner

Inner Beauty

How would you treat your body if you could see what the inside looked like?

What if our skin was transparent and our inner world was exposed to the world?

What if our emotions were truly revealed to everyone that we loved?

What if we could literally see the state of our gut, our liver, our lungs and other organs?

What if we could see how well the nervous system and brain are communicating all the messages in the body?

Would we treat ourselves differently?

Would we care for ourselves more?

Would we take different actions?

I think we all know the answer…

Which leads me to: so why do we wait till we are in pain to care for ourselves, why do we wait till we are completely depleted to change our lifestyle, why do we continue to put up with ongoing headaches, gut issues, period pains, lack of energy, anxiety, depression, low energy, aches and pains and other emotional imbalances?

Would it be different if we could see through the body?

Or if we could truly hear what the body was trying to tell us?

I invite you to care for yourself now, regardless of where you are at on your health journey. I find it fascinating how much we invest on how we look to the outer world and how when we get sick, hurt or injured that the "I'll Do Anything" mentality comes in strong!

Self-care is a priority not a luxury.

You wouldn’t let your car run out of fuel.

You wouldn’t let your battery on your beloved iPhone sit at 2% for too long.

You wouldn’t let your kitchen sink leak everywhere.

So why do you let yourself function at 10%, why do you put up with the headaches, the poor digestion, the fatigue, the emotional rollercoaster and the aches and pains?

Just some questions...

And an invitation... I invite you to: Give yourself permission to care for you!

Commit to your ongoing self-care routine to keep yourself functioning well and living your best life. It is important to work along side someone that truly cares about your health & wellbeing and helps you understand why you feel the way you do and how to change it if necessary! Your inner world creates your outer world and we here at Nature's Way Chiropractic want you to have the most shiny and beautiful world there is, inside and out!

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