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We Love Chiropractic!

We love Chiropractic - everything about it! The art, the science, the philosophy and most importantly helping others be the best they can be with Chiropractic care! Here at Nature's Way Chiropractic we are known to be "a little different" in our approach to health and we are proud to be that way! We want to take the time to give you a little background on what we do so you and your loved ones can get more out of your care.

Chiropractic means "done by hands," and addresses the relationship between the nervous system and the spine. It was discovered in 1885 by a stylish dude, Dr. DD Palmer, whose thinking and the way he saw the body was impressive! DD. Palmer, Canadian (Yay!), discovered Chiropractic when he claimed to have cured deafness in a man. He studied the relationship between the nervous system and the body and argued that all of disease was due to subluxated (misaligned) bones (95% found in the spine), which causes a disruption to the flow to the innate intelligence of the body.

As Chiropractors we look to the spine and adjust subluxations to allow the innate intelligence of the body to flow with ease.

But let's take a moment to break that down a little...

Chiropractic – done by hands which is an all-natural approach. And just out of curiosity…When was the last time you were at another health care professional that got in and felt physically what was going on with your body?

Subluxation - misalignment of a bone in the body placing pressure on the nervous system. Pressure on the nervous system = not ideal / dis-ease in the body / not functioning at it's best / brain and body communication and connection is poor

Pressure off the nervous system = good / information can flow with ease / brain and body connection working well

Like a hose of water with a kink in it, take the kink out and it works better.

Innate Intelligence - our bodies have a natural intelligence that allows us to be us! Think of a mother to be growing a baby, this coordination of events is directed by an intelligence that is within our body or like when you cut your finger and it magically heals within a few days. And THANK GOODNESS - imagine trying to work out all those processes, let alone make lunches for the kids, get to work and keep up the house! Go Body!

So we have to ask…

How does the body come out of alignment?

How do we get subluxated?

Why do we feel the way we do?

And the answer is simple: Life.

We live life and life is filled with a number of different stresses that our body takes on daily and has to simply do something with.

We are faced with physical stress, chemical stress and mental/emotional stress. Our bodies adapt well to this stress, however there is a limit to our ability to adapt to our environment and stressors. Just as another cool dude in 1927 R. W. Stephenson in the Chiropractic Textbook outlined in Principle 24 of Chiropractic: The limits of adaptation – Innate intelligence adapts forces and matter for the body as long as it can do so.

Key words: as long as it can do so.

The body is perfect in its design – nature created it and she gets it right! What isn’t perfect is the lifestyles we live and the world we are living in. Never before have we lived at such a high pace, over stimulated and over consumed world and our bodies more than ever need to be taken care of!

Think of all the physical stress you endure: sitting at a desk all day, the position of your body while glued to technology, physical labour that tradies are knocking out around the clock now without weekends, physically carrying children and being a supermom and not to mention the trauma of motor vehicle accidents, major falls or sporting injuries.

Think of all the mental/emotional stress you are faced with, which never before in HUMAN HISTORY (that we know of) has it been so intense to literally just live. The pressures of social media, of society, of what we should be, should have and should be doing is wild!

And now think of all the chemical stress that we are faced with. The food quality has gone down with how our food is being processed, the soil quality, the sugar, the additives, the sprays and who knows what else is in the food we consume. We are also living in a world where travel is the norm and bugs that once lived in one country and stayed there are now commuting first class to new homes.

No wonder we feel worn out, have headaches, poor digestion, aches and pains with a side of anxiety and depression. It is a wild world and we are doing the best we can! But what if we keep going at this pace without looking after ourselves?

We invite you to choose to live well naturally, choose to be mindful of your physical, mental/emotion and chemical health and choose to allow your innate intelligence to flow and work in your favour for it is smarter than anything man will ever make. We believe you are designed to live well naturally and can when you give your body the opportunity to do so.

Our approach to health here at Nature’s Way Chiropractic addresses these stressors in the body and allows the power that made the body to heal the body by adjusting any interference to the nervous system and brain & body connection. We have techniques that balance the physical body, the mental/emotional body and the chemical body to allow you to be the best you can be!

Give yourself the gift of health!

- Dr. Kayli Manner, Chiropractor & Kinesiologist, Nature's Way Chiropractic

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