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You Body is Your #1 Tool

I, Dr. Kayli Manner, often find myself saying daily in the walls of Nature's Way Chiropractic...

"Your Body is Your #1 Tool and if you don't got it, you don't go much..."

Today I am going to share with you WHY your body is your number one tool and HOW we can help you feel & function better being the Chiropractor near you!

Why Your Body is Your #1 Tool: Because you use it every day and without it's health and proper function you certainly don't have much! Think of the repetitive stresses that you place on your body: lifting heavy items / sitting at a desk / in and out of a car / long hours in a car / chasing after the kiddies / wearing a tool belt / repetitive movements...not to mention the food we eat and pressures from life!

You body allows you to be you and do what you do! However we often use it over and over again and fail to listen to it communicate to us that it is not functioning as well as it could through aches & pains, poor digestion, headaches or fatigue. These whispers of the body are letting you know that it needs some care. We also unfortunately often see the Men of our community come in when the whisper have turned into a scream and "have put their back out," for example. But this need not be the case!

How Chiropractic allows you to function well:

Chiropractic is concerned with how well your nervous system, spine & body as a whole are functioning. As you know your brain is constantly communicating to your body via the nervous system and your body to your brain. Your nervous system allows your muscles to move and allows you to do what you do. If the spine is out of alignment there is pressure placed on the nervous system and your body is not functioning as well as it could! (Think of a hose of water with a kink in it, it doesn't function well, take the kink out, and....)

We as Chiropractors adjust the spine and nervous system specifically, allowing the body to restore proper communication and function. In turn tension and stress dissipates, more energy appears, because your body is working more effectively and efficiently. Getting adjusted gives you and your body the opportunity to feel good and function well.

As a Chiropractor I, Dr. Kayli Manner, often say to my new clients that, "I am a mechanic to the body, you take your car to get serviced and like so, you gotta take care of your body."

We are thrilled that our practice is filling with a number of Tradies, Businessmen, Young Professionals & Dads, whom benefits in their work, home life and overall wellbeing from being adjusted at Nature's Way Chiropractic.

We are so excited to be joining the movement in Men's Health this November with our Men's Week from November 26th - 30th, 2019. Dr. Kayli Manner is offering the men of the Kirra, Coolangatta & beyond community the opportunity to come in for their Initial Visit & Follow Up for only $130. These appointments include a full comprehensive health history, physical examination, x-ray referral if needed and follow up appointment with recommendations, along with two adjustments! What a win!

Why not feel good and function well!

You have all the tools in the tool box, but without your body you don't got much!


Dr. Kayli Manner, Chiropractor & Kinesiologist, Nature's Way Chiropractic

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