• Dr. Kayli Manner

Your Body Is Smart.

Your body is smart! There is no need to elaborate on this - rather it being a fact!

I, Dr. Kayli Manner, Chiropractor & Kinesiologist, find myself saying this on a daily basis in practice; "Your body is so smart! Look, we as females can grow babies and that is incredible!"

Your body is a clever creation and it is always working in your favour, even when it feels that it isn't. For example you eat some dodgy food and all of a sudden you are running to the bathroom to vomit - your body is acknowledging that this food is not ideal for you and your system and therefore is getting rid of it! Or you cut your hand while making dinner and your body heals the cut within a week without you having to focus all your time and energy on this healing process - thank goodness!

In Chiropractic we acknowledge that there is an innate wisdom housed in the body. An intelligence that coordinates all actions and processes. This inner wisdom and intelligence is flowing within the nervous system and this system is what we as Chiropractors are highly trained to care for, enhance and be sure is functioning at its best!

The nervous system allows the messages from your brain to travel to your body, and from your body to your brain. It coordinates all processes of the body - allowing you to move, to breathe, to digest, to feel, to heal, to know when we are in pain and simply to exist!

So, if our body is always working in our favour then - Why do we feel the way we do?

Why do we function the way we do? And this is where our modern world and your unique life come into the equation...

We live in a wired up world, with an overload of stimulants, stresses and toxins. We are on the go constantly and are overloading the physical stress in our lives, the mental/emotional stress and the chemical stress (what we eat, drink, breathe in). These constant stressors on the body causes the spine to come misaligned and interferes with the integrity of the nervous system functioning effectively and efficiently, and therefore the brain and body connection is compromised.

Do you notice when you are stressed and worn out you are more prone to catching a virus and not feeling good? This is due to your body not having enough resistance to the environment and therefore you must slow to heal, you must nourish yourself to heal and you must take care of yourself to heal! However if you keep pushing onward in your life and going, going, going it certainly takes longer.

Your body is smart.

When given the opportunity to heal - it can and does!

Chiropractic care works directly with the nervous system, allowing you and your body to integrate life so that you can keep doing all the things you are doing! Here at Nature's Way Chiropractic, I, Dr. Kayli Manner, work on all aspects of health. The physical body, the mental/emotional body and the chemistry of the body. By peeling back the layers of stress in your system and link up the brain and body connection to be more efficient and more effective through gentle adjustments, we can rest assure that the innate intelligence within you is allowing you to feel good and function well!

So why not get adjusted?

Why not explore Chiropractic care?

Why not feel good and function well?

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